Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mountain bike experience at LVV

With the velodrome being restored for public use again (after the UCI World Track Championships) HASVC's group had an opportunity to get onto LVV's mountain bike trails. It is safe to say that every rider found this experience another cycling buzz to remember. 
LVV's specialist MTB coach Jules Allen was on hand to lead the session which was much appreciated and four of CC Hackney's regular coaches assisted him. Five groups were organised by ability and all went out for an adventurous time on the well crafted single track routes. No accidents were reported and after debrief and learning reinforcements one question came back from the floor; 'when can we do MTB training at LVV again!?'  

In answer HASVC will look at returning for special MTB & BMX sessions during the school holidays. For the next two weeks (14th & 21st March) it's track time again, we are back inside. But Monday 28th March there will be NO SESSION, yes let's all have a break, we deserve it:)

The photo call

The youngest group out exploring LVV's MTB trails
Robiel Tadese & Elliot Huntley
After LVV MTB training: Scott Shaw, Ryan Weekes, Michael Anunyuga, Allaren Jallo & Kevin Ozee

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