Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Training programme Jan, Feb & March 2016

HASVC Training programme Jan, Feb & March 2016 
Lee Valley VeloPark - Mondays 5-6pm
 4th, 11th, 18th 25th January, 1st, 8th February & 21st March; all Velodrome

15th, 22nd and 29th February – BMX track (lead coach - Tai Suleyman)
7th March – MTB trails
(all bike hire is included, but not shoes)

Due to UCI World Cup 14th will be off site activity to be confirmed (TBC) & 28th March WattBike Studio session TBC ASAP

Monday, 21 December 2015

Cometh the hour cometh the team - 35.454 km !

HASVC has produced a clear and tangible outcome in the CC Hackney, Young Hackney, Sported, & Interlinkx CiC sponsored mixed youth group hour setting record attempt: 35.454 km
Well done to all involved, that's riders, parents, the LVV (venue) crew,  officials and staff. A great effort and a new bench mark for other youth groups from around the world to target - game on!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

7th December - a date with data

A graph from the 2 sessions last week - no numbers yet; top secret - it's just artwork for now!

Assistant coach Lindsay Parker has collated performance data from our last training session before the big day on 21st December at Lee Valley Velodrome.
"With less than 2 weeks to go until Hackney After School Velodrome Club's landmark 1 hour mixed youth group record attempt, both coaches and riders are beginning to make their final preparations. While the riders are continuing to work on all important group techniques like drafting, communication and change-overs, as well as keeping their defences up against winter colds.
Although early indications suggest that the 54.526km that Sir Bradley Wiggins rode solo at the very same velodrome about 6 months ago may be a little beyond this young group's current capabilities, the coaches are focusing the team on simply setting a distance that satisfies the independent British Cycling judges according to the rules."
Hackney After School Velodrome Club - HASVC
No.1 MONDAY 21 st DECEMBER 2015 1pm – 3pm
Mixed youth group 250m velodrome hour record rules:
1. Any record attempt must be judged and ratified by qualified track commissaries of the host nation’s cycling governing body in
accordance with the rules as set below.
2. At the time of any record attempt all competing riders must be aged no younger than 12 and no older than 16.
3. No more than 16 riders are permitted on the track at any given time.
4. Proof of age must be provided by participants to the independent judging team.
5. All competing riders must be registered, signed-in & numbered with males wearing different coloured numbers to the female
6. Track pursuit pads must be out during the record attempt.
7. Appropriate youth gearing on standard fixed wheel track bikes must be used without tri-bars.
8. A minimum of 4 riders must be on the pace line at any given time (4+1 to allow for changes)
9. A minimum of one accompanying female or male rider must be in the pace group at any given time.
10. If there is a gap of any more than a bike length between any of the front four riders on the pace line that is carried on for more
than 250m (and if there is not a 'legal' quartet behind to step in as the new lead group) then the record setting attempt would
be declared null and void by the event commissaries.
11. Riders can only join the pace group at the back of the pace line.
12. At one hour, the final distance reached is to be recorded at the point on the track where the front wheel arrives in the first mixed grouping of 4 pace line riders that includes at least one female or one male competitor.

"Last Monday's session saw the older group of riders doing 2x10 minute sessions in which the record attempt's rules were adhered to: no fewer than 4 riders can be in the group at any time, and there must be at least one boy and one girl in the group at all times.
Although it doesn't look particularly consistent, all the lap times were within a 3 second spread, which is promising for a 1 hour attempt where consistency and rhythm are crucial for success. The fastest laps were completed at just over 40kph - very impressive! As the trend line shows the group got faster and faster as the session progressed: also very promising as the group faces up to their hour attempt. Come and support the group as they undertake this cutting edge challenge."
Lead coach Keir Apperley:
'For the team effort on 21st December, the main message to all riders is that it's a new record setting attempt as it's not been done before. The focus is on the process and not to risk failure because of maybe pushing the pace too high, which could result in the rules being broken. For this reason I'm not so interested in how fast or far they are going for this one; I'm just looking to make sure that they all keep it together and set a new record that our independent British Cycling judges are satisfied with. Our supporters would do well to shout "keep it together!" rather than "faster faster!"  :)


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

December 14th & 15th session plans.

HASVC news up-dates for 14th & 15th December 2015

Session plans:
Monday 14th December 4-5pm
Due LVV staff having their Xmas dinner party on this day the track is unavailable for us to use. Instead we will be in the meeting room to support and contribute to the HASVC short movie project that is lead by Austin Edwards's. This is for the historic record and to evidence our work for HASVC's sponsors and funders. 
It's feedback the time and an opportunity to provide your comments on film about what HASVC means to you. Some footage will be taken outside with the velodrome behind for added effect.
After this we shall move to another location (a nearby cafe or restaurant) for a staff meeting to prepare for 21st December's double session and AOB. Older age group young riders are welcome to join in and contribute at the stage too.  

Bjorn, James, Ryan & Israel
Bjorn, Daniel, Alex & James

Tuesday 15th December
As a special we have the Watt Bike VeloStudio room from 5-6pm. In the first period we will be logging our first SMART goal tests for HASVC riders with some free training training time after these are recorded.

Images from the session 07.12.15

A record setting attendance this week with 30 young riders signed in.

Getting some record setting practice in with the pads out.

A pursuit pad.

Kevin Ozee closing in on Henry Boateng.

Two dads Roger & Prosper.

A message from Alex Dowsett

"To everyone doing the (HASVC) hour - all the best!" Alex Dowsett Team Movistar

Monday, 30 November 2015

Session date 30.11.15

                                                             Youth track training 30.11.15 

                                 Useful 'our hour' practice inside, post club social outside.

Monday, 16 November 2015

HASVC record attempt flyer - share and promote 21.12.15


For the riders that took part in their flying 200m timed tests on 9th November here are your times:


Flying 200m
Jess E.15.8

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tunes for 21st December - Youth Group Hour


After some research by Jessica the following play-list for our Youth Group Hour attempt has been drawn up, here it is:

Pea nut butter jelly glantis
Like a G6 far east movement
House every weekend
Azonto fuse odj
Kygo stole the show
Fester skank lethal bizzle ft stormzy wretch 32 chip
You & i glantis runaway
Omen sam smith
I love my life demarco
Sk mujo
Alex adair make me feel better
Kojo funds want from me
Sona no whala
J hus what we do
Timbo do anything
All the time keys and krates
Look like you remix
Three little birds bob marley
No games serani
One direction best song ever
Birdy wings nu logic remix
Stronger kayne west
Justin bieber what do you mean
Fetty wap 679
J cole workout
One direction drag me down
Clean bandit rather be with krept and konan
Kelly klarkson stronger
Destination alex gaudino
Azealia banks 212 clean version
One direction what makes you beautiful
Slade merry christmas everyone
Mr blue sky electric light orchestra
Real love clean bandit
Waving flag (world cup song 2010)
Hold on sean paul

Friday, 30 October 2015

No HASVC session for 2nd November.

Next Monday there will be a corporate event going on at the LVV velodrome and this is why we have no session for 2nd November. 
Reminder - Date/s of hire: Sept 8th, 11th, 22nd, 29th (Tuesdays) Oct 5th, 12th ***** 26th (Mondays) Nov 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (Mondays) Dec 7th, 21st.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Back on track - HASVC return 26.10.15

We had slightly fewer riders this Monday after our break last week to make way for the London Six Day special event. It was good though; as well as our regulars we had five new lads trying out indoor track cycling for the first time. One of them was young CC Hackney member Ryan da Costa who's been eyeing up HASVC since the beginning. Thanks to the extra coaching support from CC Hackney and an Isla track bike small enough for him Ryan got his chance to have a go. Others making their debuts were Azeez, Paulo, Khairi and Jersey who all enjoyed their first time experience and advanced enough by their third stint to go for a personal best at a flying lap. Even though new to the scene they all have an individual time to take away to target next week.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

No HASVC session for 19th October.

Next Monday there will be the first London Six Day professional cycle race going on - and this is why we have no session for 19th October. Tickets are available for this event - groups are HASVC riders will be heading to see this...nothing can keep HASVC away from their track!

Reminder - Date/s of hire:
Sept 8th, 11th, 22nd, 29th (Tuesdays)
Oct 5th, 12th ***** 26th (Mondays)
Nov 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (Mondays)
Dec 7th, 21st (Mondays)

Israel Oketade rolls into view.

Well known CC Hackney member but new to HASVC; Israel Oketade rolls into view. He enjoyed his first session last Monday, it seems a long time since this youngster featured in the 'campaigning film' made by CCH film crew: Bjorn, James & Barrat.
Interlinkx CiC/CCH promo clip
Featuring Ryan Da Costa, Israel Oketade, Alex Peters and many more. Password: CCH

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Group photo 29.09.15

Only Tobi and Raymond missed out on our group photo but everyone else was there, including all three coaches in their Freesport T-shirts; Keir, Neil and Martin. This was the last Tuesday after school track session ahead of the move to Mondays for the same start time next week; 5th October.

Freesport is a Mayor of London funding body who are supporting HASVC'S aims to make track cycling and quality, structured training accessable and inclusive to all of the area's young people.

Keir Apperley - HASVC lead coach and project organiser.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Great session last night

It was a great session last night and well attended - well done to all riders, coaching volunteers & parents.
It was good to see the whole group getting on with their track time and enjoying this opportunity. Some started practising 'stacking' ahead of their entry to gain their LVV level 3 accreditation. Others continued to build confidence as early track users and the rest got on with some more strenuous exercises including a mock points race at the end.


Thursday, 10 September 2015

HASVC is back on track after the summer break

HASVC is back on track after the summer break - here are our remaining September dates and those set up through until December.
Remember that from the start of next month we change over to Mondays due to the Full Gas Track League restarting.

Date/s of hire:
Sept 8th, 11th, 22nd, 29th (Tuesdays)  
Oct 5th, 12th, 26th (Mondays)
Nov 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th (Mondays)
Dec 7th, 14th, 21st (Mondays)

Friday, 31 July 2015

Track training is not back on until Tuesday 1st September.

HASVC - Track training is not back on until Tuesday 1st September. We are doing outdoor rides & training instead. Meeting at the Concorde Centre, Kingsmead Way, London E9 5PP at 3pm returning at 5pm, Club members are welcome, do this let us know if you are coming.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

30 minutes to go...

Tuesday 14th July

As planned the session on this day was testing time. We made the session a practice Youth Group 30 minute distance attempt under the rules as set previously:
1. A minimum of four riders in the pace line group with at least one girl in this group.
2. No more than 16 riders are to be on the track at any given time.
3. Riders must be no more than 16 years old and no younger than 11.
4. Record attempts must be judged by an indipendent judicator.
5. Datum line pads must be in place for any official record setting.

We had good attendance this week with 22 youth riders signing on. 6 were beginners learning the basics while the remaining 16 got on with our first trial run without pads; how far could they go collectively in half an hour? Could they work it with only two girls present for this session?
Yes they could, the distance covered was: 19.904 klm which is close to 40klm per hour.

Not bad for a try out, there's more slack to take up and the full hour will be quite a challenge but one we believe our group can take on.

About half way there.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The bikes that make it possible...

A Lea valley Velopark (LVV) Condor track bike in action last Tuesday 16th June during the second of 9 trial sessions. There was good attendance from Hackney's young riders again with plenty of support from parents and our fine volunteer track coaches for these events; Neil Irons, Martin Elliot & Tai Suleyman (Hackney BMX)
HASVC would like to thank LVV for providing the support they do in the shape of a favourable 'job lot' fee for track bike hire, helmets & gloves. Without this these world class sporting experiences would not be possible for Hackney's young people and their coaching team.

Kevin Ozee leads Harry Gregory
 "I never thought I would get the chance to ride here often - it's great"
Kevin Ozee (CC Hackney & the Concorde Centre)
"This valuable track time will help Hackney's cycling team get ready for the London Younth Games"
Jessica Feaney-Davies (CC Hackney & Clapton Girls School) 
"When I get off the track my legs feel good!"
Ryan Weekes (CC Hackney & the Concorde Centre) 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

First night track time - 9th June 2015

First night nerves for first night buzz? Answers on a post card please...as the lead coach I found it more of a buzz!
28 young riders came down from all over Hackney and by all accounts hugely enjoyed the opportunity. It was great to see everyone getting on, helping and encouraging each other. There were absolute beginners Cycling Club Hackney's outreach group and our established crew; working as planned in two sections, experienced/intermediate and intermediate/beginners.
Many thanks to our admin support Martine and the CCH coaches Neil Irons and Martin Elliot who did a very good job advising and supporting riders. Also a big thank you must go to John Scripts and all the Staff at Lea Valley Velopark as well as our main funder Young Hackney of Hackney Council.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

HASVC - overview

Hackney After School Velodrome Club
Hackney After School Velodrome Club
The 2012 London Olympic Games has left behind the world class track cycling arena that is now called the Lea Valley Velopark. The indoor 250m velodrome is a gem of a facility that so far is being well used by adult riders and corporate bookings who can afford the fees. Since opening in March 2014 it has become clear that a collective effort is required to ensure that new young cyclists from the area get regular access to this track. If not (logically) there will be a diminishing return of riders using the venue.
We are looking at the future of track cycling and acting out a positive intervention. It's legacy, outreach, talent development & community cohesion...opportunity for all.

The costs and credits for this activity are shared by a group of supporting partners therefore there need not be a weighty financial implication on just one or two organisations.

Thanks to the backing of Lea Valley Velopark, Cycling Club Hackney (management & coaching) Interlinkx CiC, Hackney Homes and Young Hackney's support, this initiative is able to get going into its trial sessions. 

Start date: Registration & induction Tuesday 2nd June 2015 (nine consecutive weeks to follow, contract renewal subject to review)
Weekly on Tuesdays 5-6pm
Coaching team: Keir Apperley, Neil Irons, Martin Elliot & Harry Moore.

Project manager: K Apperley.

Hackney After School Velodrome Club - starting 2nd June 2015

On Tuesday 2nd June the all new Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC)
will begin with a registration and induction session from 4.30-6.00pm.
The place to be for future young track riders of Hackney on this day is: Meeting room 1 at Lea Valley Velopark Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, London E20 3AB. Once the formalities are completed start up young riders will be able to go in to watch a well known professional cyclist in an exclusive track training session until 6.30pm.

The following week 7th June is the time when our weekly youth track training begins. We have a programme of 9 weekly sessions that are 100% funded. There will be two groups doing 3 X 9 minute blocks each. One being established and intermediate riders and the other being beginners and intermediate.
It is anticipated that before this runs out additional funders and sponsors will come on board to secure this session into an on-going provision.

Come July 14th (week six) young members will be ready to contribute with their fund raising 'Youth Group Hour Record' attempt. This is when a minimum of 10 riders on the track at any one time will rotate and push on to gain as much distance as they can in one hour.

The lead coach and organiser for this project is Cycling Club Hackney's  manager Keir Apperley. Having negotiated with the Lea valley Velopark Trust for a healthy concession on track bike and protective equipment use; the prospect became viable, especially with the collective backing of Hackney council's 'Young Hackney', social enterprise Interlinkx CiC and the start-up partner Cycling Club Hackney.
Use it or loose it:
If the need is evident in terms of attendance and outreach success then the plan is for on-going track sessions at LVV. Many thanks to those who are supporting HASVC and who are working to make regular Hackney youth track time possible.