Tuesday, 16 February 2016

BMX HASVC session 1 - 15th February 2016

Instructor Tai Suleyman in action
Demo (young) man Meeshaq Malone leads the way

There was a very good turnout for our first of three in a row BMX training sessions with 28 young members riding the Olympic class BMX track, some for the first time. Our coach Tai Suleyman expertly instructed the group with the help of one of his experienced riders from Hackney BMX club; Meeshaq Malone's main role was to demonstrate good techniques to his peers. There were no falls or collisions, well done riders & staff, maintaining HASVC & CCH's excellent safety record.

Home work from Tai: study YouTube for good BMX techniques & skills. 

Next week riders are going to learn how to do manuals and wheelies.

Thanks to Amelia French for the on track atmospheric actions pictures.


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