Sunday, 19 July 2015

30 minutes to go...

Tuesday 14th July

As planned the session on this day was testing time. We made the session a practice Youth Group 30 minute distance attempt under the rules as set previously:
1. A minimum of four riders in the pace line group with at least one girl in this group.
2. No more than 16 riders are to be on the track at any given time.
3. Riders must be no more than 16 years old and no younger than 11.
4. Record attempts must be judged by an indipendent judicator.
5. Datum line pads must be in place for any official record setting.

We had good attendance this week with 22 youth riders signing on. 6 were beginners learning the basics while the remaining 16 got on with our first trial run without pads; how far could they go collectively in half an hour? Could they work it with only two girls present for this session?
Yes they could, the distance covered was: 19.904 klm which is close to 40klm per hour.

Not bad for a try out, there's more slack to take up and the full hour will be quite a challenge but one we believe our group can take on.

About half way there.

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