Monday 29 August 2016


This Autumn 2016 HASVC will be on hold with no planned regular track sessions applied for. Instead a new BMX provision Hackney After Schools BMX Club - HASBC with be rolled out as an alternative. Dates and sign up information will be confirmed in due course.

The area's Go-Ride Outreach Coach (Russell Hampton) is set to pick up where HASVC left off with a new weekly session aimed at beginners and those seeking track accreditation. This is due to start this September and I'm told the fee would be £10.00 per session. This project is focused on developing young riders into LVV youth track league racers.

Contact Russell -

Friday 24 June 2016

The last HASVC session for the Summer - Monday 27th June

The last HASVC session for the Summer is next Monday 27th June - let's make is a good one and leave the right impression.

A reminder that riders are not to cycle anywhere inside without a helmet and that they must walk with their bike coming in and out of the velodrome.

Also all hire bike and equipment must be returned to where is was collected, chairs put back and any litter disposed of.

One more; riders not listening and talking among themselves while coaches are giving instructions may well be asked to sit out the session.

That's it!

See you on Monday after school.



Friday 27 May 2016

No session this Monday - reminder Bank Holiday no HASVC 30th May

Here are our dates up until the end of June:

May 9th, 16th, 23rd June 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

More dates will be scheduled for the first three weeks of July. 

Event name: Hackney After School Velodrome Club (HASVC)
Type of event/purpose of hire:  Young people's access to quality cycle sport.

Time of event: Start time:17.00h End time:18.00h - arrivals from 16.30h

£5.00 gets you:

World class track time on a Condor track bike and an hour of qualified CCH track training at the Lee Valley Velodrome. When or where or else will anyone find such a great offer?


Wednesday 25 May 2016

High attendance - HASVC staying the course

Thanks to attendees, volunteer coaches, family and the friends of HASVC.  We've been returning to high attendance and pretty much covering our costs - phew! On the back of this renewed interest and the steps taken to protect what we have, CC Hackney will be looking to renew it's contract will LVV.

Here's some pictures featuring three of our new track riders; Paige, Antony & Rhia (and mum)

Antony & Jevon

Sunday 15 May 2016

Use it or loose it...

Calling all existing and would be young track riders of Hackney: Maintaining and keeping these sessions running is dependent on enough riders attending to cover the venue and block cycle hire costs. The coaches are volunteering, their fees waived for the cause. 

Over the last two weeks there has been a significant drop off in numbers, where the shortfall is being shouldered by CC Hackney.

Hard facts leading to this appeal for your one and only after school track club session:

Use it or loose it

£5.00 for a Condor track bike and an hour of qualified CCH track training at the Lee Valley Velodrome, when or where or else will anyone find such a good offer?


Friday 15 April 2016

Thank you and goodbye 'Young Hackney'

HASVC and all attendees would like to thank Young Hackney for the financial support that this Hackney Council department has given to the project up until now. Interlinkx CiC & CC Hackney will be looking for alternative backing but without this in place charges for participation will be required to cover costs. 
On Monday 18th April we will be asking for a voluntary contribution and on going from 25th April there will be a 5.00 charge. This does include bike and helmet use, making the HASVC offer good value and a saving. 

Other news:-
Accreditation has not been granted by LVV during our track sessions. However plans are afoot to meet the needs of our group under the management of British Cycling's Out Reach worker for the area; Russel Hampton. 

Goodbye Young Hackney